• Welcome to my new website – NoFlyTripping.com!

    I’ve enjoyed writing my blog on my travels rather more than I thought I would when I first set out to do so 10 months ago. And so with still over 6 months to go, and with a whole new continent to go to, together with numerous posts I just haven’t yet gotten round to posting, I thought that refreshing my site with a slightly less “dark” look and with a new easier domain name would be a good idea, so having taken the plunge and having paid some company some real money to get one – here we are.  No Fly Tripping 2.0 as it were…


    This reference will be lost on anyone no familiar with the No Fly Tipping illegal dumping) signs found in the UK


    The content will be much the same (indeed most of the existing content is exactly the same) but I will be making some tweaks, adding some new bits, maybe getting rid of some old and updating many of the photos.  Now that I’m no longer on WordPress.Com I occasionally find myself a bit technically out of my depth and the new site has some issues with linking images back to the original WordPress site that I have to work on, so patience please if you notice any issues, and if you do, let me know so I can put it right!

    In the meantime, if you have followed me at www.noflytripping.wordpress.com, I would kindly ask that you would now follow me here on www.noflytripping.com and if you haven’t followed me before, then now would be as good a time as any to start…

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