• Wat this way…

    Ankor sunrise

    I’m fairly certain every Wat pun has been done to death by anyone who has ever been there. So just be thankful the one in the title is the only one I’m going to try!

    I’m going to let the photos do most of the talking for this post.  For Ankor Wat and its surrounding ruins I will just say the following:

    • They are amazing!
    • There are many tourists – BUT – there are also many temple, so it’s perfectly possible to find sites with few, if anyone else there

      crowds watching sunrise at Ankor Wat

      To be honest, if you are in the crowd, and especially if you are near the front, the view is so good that you forget everyone else is there

    • Get a multiday ticket.  The Three Day pass is the price of 2 Day tickets, but is valid for any three days in the following week so you can have a break from temple hopping.
    • Go to see sunrise, and keep your fingers crossed for the weather! If its cloudy, then get a head start on the crowds and start seeing the temples on your own.  Try again for the sunset another day!
    • The weather can change from bright blue skies to rainstorm quickly!
    • Siem Reap is actually a party town – and expect to be offered “special” brownies, pizzas, shakes etc, as well as just straight up weed, cocaine (which is apparently most likely to be pure heroin) and even opium… It’s like being in Brixton.

    And now for the photos…

    Pyramid style temple

    Faces in the rock

    One of the more famous temples, Bayon is often crowded, it’s still possible to get good photos though

    Bayon temple

    Bayon from a moving Tuc-tuc!

    Temple with blue sky behind

    I found myself the only person at this temple, up a hill just before the entrance to Ankor Thom

    View across the jungle from top of temple

    Great views across the jungle!

    Still lake reflecting sky

    This giant reflective pool was one of the more unexpected things I saw, and was very quiet

    ruined temples with tree roots

    Ta Prohm is famous for featuring in Tomb Raider and for the trees slowly taking over the temple. However cool tree/temple interactions can be found at several quieter temples too.

    Root taking over a door

    Long empty stone corridor

    Parts of Ta Prohm itself are surprisingly quiet

    stone figures holding bridge guardrail

    The bridges into Ankor Thom all have this cool motive. Some are more “restored” than others though

    Large tower gate with 4 stone faces

    People sheltering from the rain under the imposing north gate of Ankor Thom

    One of my favourite pictures

    One of my favourite pictures!

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